In2 Solutions works closely with you to help you select a software solution that best fits your business needs, now and into the future. Our goal is to ensure that our proposed solution will enhance and improve your business processes, giving you an excellent return on investment. In2 Solutions partner with suppliers who provide products that are designed to be implemented into growing small to medium sized enterprises. We offer only those products that we believe to be the best in this competitive market.

We start by meeting with you to discuss your needs relating to a new software solution. This includes not only looking at your requirements for the new software solution but ensuring that you do not lose features that are important to you in your current software. We look at your business and its processes and marry those processes up with our software solution to ensure that all your needs will be met or exceeded.

We then demonstrate each of these processes so that you can see for yourself the benefits in saved time or reduced costs you would achieve by implementing our software solution.

Once you have decided on your software solution we then configure it to give you the maximum amount of return for your investment. We look at meeting your needs as well as the following general requirements

  • Effective and efficient resource allocation
  • Extensive and timely reporting
  • Elimination of the need to rekey data
  • Real-time access to the information you need
In many cases we have tools that allow us to bring over the balances (and in certain cases transactions) from your old business system to your new business system. No costly re-entry of data!

Changing from one software system to another can be stressful and costly. Let In2 Solutions reduce your stress and costs and work with you to develop a system that will take your company to the next level.