Wage Easy Payroll

Wage Easy Payroll HR is the best payroll and human resource information management system available in Australia for complex employment situations. Established in 1993, the product has thousands of business users in Australia ranging in size from ten employees to several thousand employee multi-site operations.

Some features and benefits are:

Award Interpretation Feature

Wage Easy Payroll provides a unique award interpretation feature which enables accurate calculation of payments and leave, with a minimum of time and hassle. The conditions of employment such as hourly rate, penalties, tax, and superannuation rates, need only be entered once, or downloaded via the internet. The award interpreter then calculates the leave and payment requirements from the actual times worked, as entered from time sheets or from a link to a time and attendance system.

Unlimited Capacity with Ultimate Flexibility

Wage Easy Payroll can be used for any sized business - from a one person operation to a national company with thousands of employees - from one day per week to 24 hours per day, 365 days per year - from one employment contract to multiple awards, contracts and agreements. Wage Easy Payroll is designed to operate on a set-and-forget basis, and can operate in automatic, semi-automatic or manual modes.

Automatic Time and Attendance

If linked with an automatic time and attendance system, Wage Easy Payroll can automatically generate the pay slips for all employees. It can also automatically process salaried staff, or a mixture of salaried and time sheet staff. The pay period can be set for weekly, fortnightly, four weekly or monthly, and there can be a mixture of periods within the company.

Immediate Access to the Latest Award Information via the Internet

Wage Easy Payroll’s unique one-click internet access feature provides immediate access to the latest award and tax information. This information can be downloaded in the correct format for use by Wage Easy Payroll, and then automatically stored in the correct place. No longer is there a need for in-house expertise for interpretation of awards, and for configuring the payroll program. The internet connection also allows Wage Easy Payroll to automate the payroll function by sending information to other organisations. For example, EFT payment data can be sent to banks, superannuation contribution records can be submitted, and labour statistics can be sent to the Bureau of Statistics.

Timely and Correct Reports

Wage Easy Payroll can compile and print pay slips, group certificates and payroll expenditure summaries such as accumulated and average sick leave (for individuals and groups of employees); penalty rates, taxation, workers compensation, superannuation and union contributions. It can generate electronic files for group certificates and EFT. Reports can be prepared for varying time periods (weekly, monthly, annually, custom dates etc), and be presented in tabular or graphical form. This provides management with immediate and accurate information from which to make important staffing and financial decisions.

Detailed Individual Records

Imagine being able to quickly find staff who can speak Spanish and being able to e-mail staff directly from their employee file. Languages spoken and contact details are just two of the huge number of items that may be stored for each employee. Each employee has their own file and all the payroll, leave and personal details for the employee can be found in the one place. If given access to their own records, employees can update their own contact information and also use the reminder system to deliver individual messages.

Human Resource Flexibility and Capacity

In addition to the optional predefined records for an employee, Wage Easy Payroll also has some innovative features that allow real flexibility in managing employees. Employee files can hold a digitised photograph of the employee, and scanned copies of documents such as qualification certificates, licences, letters and so on. To enhance collation and analysis of an employee’s status, links can also be created between an employee file and other relevant documents such as contracts, appraisal and disciplinary letters that already exist on the computer.

Detailed HR Reports

There is not much use in gathering information if you can’t do anything with it. This is why Wage Easy Payroll has been designed to maximise the options available for the format and content of human resource management reports. Once again, flexibility is the key, with the operator able to specify the time frame and format for the standard reports.

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