Legrand CRM


Legrand Software is CRM. Legrand are solely focused on providing the best CRM Solution to the SME market segment that is ideal for teams between 10 to 100 employees. Their aim is to deliver a CRM software package that is fast, practical and easy to use.

Remember it is not just about bringing the data together. The most important part is how you store and use that information gathered to your advantage. We understand that a successfully deployed CRM system can deliver improved growth by unlocking your business' potential to succeed, even in today's volatile market environment.

Legrand CRM + Accounting

Legrand CRM integrates with today’s most popular accounting packages to give you a full 360° view of all your business relationships. This ability adds a whole new dimension to CRM by:

  • Manage prospects in Legrand through lead to actual quotation
  • Convert successful new business customers and contacts into your accounting package
  • Enhance staff productivity with visibility into real-time sales and credit data
  • Eliminating data-entry double-ups and improving administration efficiency
  • Use data from your accounting system to drive new sales growth across your business

All without having to give your customer-facing staff access to your back-office accounting system.

Currently, Legrand CRM integrates with the following accounting packages:

  • QuickBooks [Premier & Enterprise]
  • Sage Line 50 [UK]
  • Sage Peachtree [US,Canada]
  • MYOB EXO Business
  • MYOB AccountRight [Premier & Enterprise]
  • Sybiz Vision
  • ABM

Key capabilities

Legrand CRM enables businesses to put into place the systems and processes that will enable them to grow. Ideal for teams of 10 to 100 people, Legrand CRM is a very practical tool that will bring immediate improvements to your business operation.

Legrand CRM is strong in account management, contact management, marketing, e-mail campaigns, quotation management, pipeline management, customer service and scheduling, plus it integrates with popular accounting systems to deliver a 360º view of all your business relationships and activities.

Legrand CRM is highly configurable and includes the "hooks" to enable you to integrate it with your web site, your accounting system and any specialized business application.

For your mobile sales team the Legrand CRM Web Edition provides all the information they need, when they need it.

Key Capabilities feature list:

  • Integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Accounting Systems and your website
  • Easily classify and group your accounts and contacts into various lists
  • Manage newsletter subscriptions
  • Campaign management, email marketing and tracking
  • Sales pipeline management, per territory and per sales person
  • Track any number of contacts who are involved with an opportunity and their role; eg Contractor, Supplier, Builder
  • Track activities of your sales team
  • Quickly find customers with low or no activity
  • Process leads direct from your web site without the need to re-type data
  • Integration with phone systems
  • Group calendar and scheduler
  • Optional Quotation module
  • Optional Customer service module
  • Optional Items sold module to track equipment, serial numbers, warranties, memberships, etc ...
  • Optional Web edition provides anytime, anywhere access to your mobile team

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