JIWA Financials

JIWA Financials will help your company draw information from many diverse sources into one recognisable and controllable information system. This will help your company build and grow new markets and capitalise on your evolving business opportunities - whilst you stay in control. You can increase your customer service level and profitability while also controlling costs,controlling inventory and improving your ability to manage the business.

Throughout Australia and New Zealand organisations depend on JIWA Financials to enhance their business processes and improve their operations. JIWA Financials provides solutions that scale from single users to international enterprises in many industry sectors. JIWA Financials addresses business challenges for a wide range of industries including; Financial Services, Information Technology, Warehousing, Systems Integrators, Importers, Distributors, Service companies, e-procurement, Manufacturing, and General Utilities.
JIWA Financials is a fully integrated financial management solution that enables users to leverage the power of superior technology, through a dynamic range of features and functionality, delivering the control and productivity improvement needed to meet today’s critical business requirements.

JIWA Financials provides a robust and reliable platform enabling customers to handle the exponential growth of today’s growing companies, allowing businesses to grow revenues, strengthen customer relationships and expand distribution channels to gain a competitive edge.

With JIWA Financials, organisations can deliver information and services to customers precisely the way they want, by taking advantage of the comprehensive and flexible capabilities in the system and by leveraging the power of JIWA Financials.

JIWA’s capabilities and technology, combined with its world-class professional services and partner technologies, provide a comprehensive platform for integrated solutions.    


JIWA Financials is an industrial strength system, designed in response to the needs of businesses whose accounting systems can no longer cope.

With its highly scalable configuration, JIWA Financials delivers solutions for customers who want to increase the speed and performance of searching, complete transactions at a lower cost, and generate additional revenues.

JIWA Financials offers the advantages of Microsoft SQL Server within the robust Microsoft Windows environment. Microsoft SQL Server is a scalable, high performance database management system for Microsoft Windows-based systems. It is fast and stable with virtually no data size limit.


The impeccable search functionality embedded into JIWA Financials delivers superior results to system users, allowing instant access to stock, pricing and sales information all with the click of a button, greatly improving customer service.

The availability of a high-speed, robust solution is critical for users who want to access networked applications and require speedy performance in any location. Microsoft Windows offers remote WAN access and an unmatched future upgrade path.

Managers will use the system more, by drilling down into grouped information any way they like. Sales staff can connect to JIWA Financials to check leads, appointments and update customer information. Technicians can check new jobs and update job statuses via the internet. This saves time and allows fast and efficient response to customers.


JIWA Financials will be the perfect solution for many businesses, but you should really see it demonstrated to appreciate just how much it can help yours. Solving current needs and problems is only half the job - a good financial management system should readily adapt to your current needs then continue to offer productivity and efficiency improvements.

JIWA Financials will support your business through any future growth path or direction. Integrate your website. Customise reports and change workflow options. Send email or fax “postcards” accounts to customers. You can be confident that JIWA will be there for you.

The superior technology used in JIWA Financials enables organisations to use terminal services so branches can share information.

Some of the modules available for use with JIWA Financials are:


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