Advanced Business Manager


Familiar and fluent

ABM tightly integrates with Microsoft Office to streamline the running of your business, including sharing task lists, calendar events and contacts with Microsoft Outlook. The layout and operation is a familiar style, reducing considerable staff training time and learning curve.

Two sizes fit all

ABM has been built to manage businesses from 1 to 100+ users and an unlimited turnover handling ability. ABM is available in two editions, Enterprise and Small Business, both providing the same comprehensive high-end accounting system for businesses of different structures and budgets.

Customisation and industry solutions

ABM provides you with the choice of Optional Modules to fit your business needs. These range from specific industry tools to advanced accounting functions, which attach directly to the base accounting system for effortless single-entry workflow. The core accounting system is available in Inventory and Job Costing versions or both. Further bespoke options are available on request.

ABM grows with you

ABM is designed to accommodate a growing business, handling any number of companies and currencies. ABM suits most business types through the depth of its core accounting system’s open architecture and expandability.

Global software

ABM can be used in up to ten different countries worldwide, with tax and legislation for each country. Be assured that you are running your business with an international software package.


This is integrated across all modules. ABM handles any number of currencies, with or without decimals, and caters for foreign currency banking.

Email alerts

Keep on top of your business with automatic email alerts for events such as credit, budget or job estimate limits being exceeded as well as overdue customer alerts. This reduces the time needlessly spent on keeping track of crucial information and controlling financial responsibilities.

“One click” transfers of data to Microsoft Excel

Whenever a list of information is being displayed in ABM, a Microsoft Excel button will appear at the top of the screen allowing “one click” transfers of data to Excel with data organisation intact.


Customers, suppliers, jobs, products and ledger accounts may be viewed concurrently inside of ABM. This allows the user to work with multiple areas of accounting at once, providing all information required for a particular task.

Variable trading terms

Set variable trading terms to individual customers and suppliers and become flexible in the way your business deals with external parties.

Robust, fast database

ABM uses the Microsoft SQL Server (or Express) database engine for superior reliability and performance with added security to your company’s data.

SQL Server maintenance

Users of both SQL Express and full SQL Server can set up a housekeeping plan, which ensures that database performance is optimum within the limits of their hardware.

Standard reports

Up to 130 standard reports with processing speed up to 30 times faster than previous generation accounting systems. Export the reports into a variety of formats, such as Microsoft Excel for familiar handling of a report. Find the information you need with the time you have, in the format you prefer.

Some of the modules available for use with ABM are:

General Ledger
Debtors Ledger
Creditors Ledger
Inventory Ledger
Job and Project Management
Cash Book

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