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Sybiz Visipay.NET benefits include:

Comprehensive employee record keeping

No more hunting through filing cabinets and folders for employee data. It’s all available at the click of a button. Expand this facility even further with the Sybiz Visipay HRM (Human Resource Management) module.

Serious security

Give users access only to the information they need to see. Restrict reporting, banking and other features to only those who need it.

Seamless integration with Sybiz Vision and other leading accounting packages

Sybiz Visipay has been designed for seamless integration with our Sybiz Vision accounting software and Sybiz VSM service management software, enabling timesheet data to be keyed once and only once. A General Ledger export facility is also included to reduce your workload if you’re using Sybiz Vision, Sage Pastel Evolution or Sage Pastel Partner.

Flood Levy For the 2011/12 financial year

Sybiz Visipay incorporates the necessary additional tax scales to ensure employees with exemptions have less tax deducted.

Flexible pay periods

Sybiz Visipay enables you to pay your employees in any combination of weekly, fortnightly or monthly frequencies and across multiple pay periods. The Pay Profile facility means you don’t have to re-enter entire transactions every pay period.

Wide range of reports

Keep your finger on the pulse by using Sybiz Visipay’s report feature to display critical information. Create your own special reports by using integrated report writing tools.

Interface with timekeeping software

Sybiz Visipay can be integrated with most time-keeping software, eliminating the need to recapture employee information.

Customised payslips and security envelopes

Customise your payslips and create a professional image for your business. Whether it’s to fit your existing stationery or to include your company logo, the Sybiz Visipay Payslip Editor will help you achieve exactly what you want. You can even email payslips with password protection directly from the payroll package!

Paying Super through Sybiz Visipay

Sybiz customers can now make employee superannuation payments to any complying superannuation fund via Sybiz Visipay payroll. The Sybiz Visipay and SuperChoice solution saves you time by processing one single electronic payment to multiple funds.

Additional benefits new to this version of Sybiz Visipay

  • Visually analyse leave trends by employee, department, location etc
  • Save a pay in progress rather than having to process it in one batch or skipping it then rekeying it
  • Customise reports with ease by cloning the original reports and modifying them to suit your needs
  • Assign employees to pay groups to enable multiple users to process pays concurrently
  • Make full use of the integrated, optional HRM module which has a friendly, consistent look and feel
  • Create connections between managers, employees and users
  • And more...

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Download Visipay.NET HRM Brochure

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