Job Costing

Job Costing benefits include:

Fast and friendly to use

With Sybiz Vision Job Costing you can prepare job estimates easily, add costs and invoice your customers. Just click on the View button to see the status of any of your jobs, past or present. The familiar Microsoft Windows® interface will have you and your staff working with this cost saving and easy to use solution in no time.

Retention processing

Retentions can be specified against individual jobs based on a percentage of the job’s value or as a fixed amount. The retention amount won’t be invoiced with the rest of the job but will be automatically retained for later invoicing.

Easy and accurate estimating

The Sybiz Vision Job Costing module makes estimating both fast and accurate. It can pick up the latest materials and labour costs directly from the system and then, with a few key strokes, do all the calculations. Your estimates can then be printed for the customer and compared with ongoing actual costs later. Estimates can also be formatted with the Sybiz Forms Editor to suit your specific needs.

Payroll integration

Sybiz Visipay.NET, Sybiz's payroll product, has a direct interface to the Sybiz Vision Job Costing module. Using the timesheet entry facility in Job Costing, the labour charged to each job produces timesheet data that integrates with Sybiz Visipay.

Mark-ups and discounts

Sybiz Vision Job Costing enables you to mark up or discount costs on job costs. Items can be adjusted by type or individually.

Purchase orders

With the optional Sybiz Vision Purchase Order module, multiple purchase orders can be raised for any job or combination of jobs on one order. Deliveries can be placed against jobs before invoicing and then updated later, with invoice details allowing for real-time processing. Buyer-created tax invoices can also be entered against jobs from the purchase order for subcontractor management.

The right information at the right time

A wide range of reports are available to report on the status and profitability of a single job or range of jobs. Reports can be viewed on the screen and emailed or printed.

Fast, accurate and flexible invoicing

Once a job or a stage of a job is complete, you can invoice the customer immediately without having to re-key any information. The charge details are taken directly from the job and may be printed in a variety of invoice formats with as much or as little information as you want.To unleash even greater invoicing power we recommend the Sybiz Vision Advanced Job Invoicing module.

Real world charging

All costs associated with the job can be entered into the system as soon as they occur or later as a batch. This means that the information you need to determine the ongoing profitability of the job can be available in real-time.

Manage internal jobs

If your business uses its own services then the benefits of the Sybiz Vision Job Costing module can also be put to use for this purpose. This enables internal jobs to benefit from all the features of this module.

  • Job Quote
  • Job Card
  • Time and Materials
  • Purchase Orders
  • Purchased Items
  • Close and Invoice Job

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