Point of Sale

Point of Sale benefits include:

Stock control

The Sybiz Vision Point of Sale module is tightly integrated with the Sybiz Vision accounting system. Real-time information enables you to obtain precise information on your stock holdings at any time.

Tight security

Each operator has a personal password and may only use the functions specified by the System Manager.

Additional devices

Cash registers, cash drawers and barcode readers are supported. The Sybiz Vision Point of Sale software module also enables you to use touch screens, and each terminal can be configured separately to give amazing flexibility in the type of devices used.

Save time with end of day reconciliation

Each workstation can be reconciled at the end of each day (or operator shift) and transactions processed to a cash clearing account which can be easily reconciled with the day’s takings. This efficiency can save hours of administration time.

No delays with customers

The Hold Sale feature in Sybiz Vision Point of Sale enables you to deal with customers at all times, even when a sale is delayed because a barcode or price tag is missing. A sale can be put on hold until the missing details are found, enabling you to process sales for other customers and maintain a high level of customer service.

Printing flexibility

You can use our standard receipts, invoices and dockets, suitable for a wide range of printers, or design your own with the Forms Editor.

Layby sales

Layby sale requirements are well handled in Sybiz Vision Point of Sale. Simply set the layby terms, open a customer account (use the defaults to minimise operator input), then process the sale. Laybys can be paid by cash, cheque, credit card or any combination. The printed docket shows the total sale amount, deposit amount, balance due and due by date.

Cash or account sales

With the Sybiz Vision Point of Sale module you can charge a credit card surcharge, set a rounding amount and calculate change automatically.

Ease of use

Sybiz Vision Point of Sale software is user-friendly and easy to use, reducing the time required to train staff.

Other benefits of Sybiz Vision Point of Sale include:

  • rounding of totals for cash sales
  • quick and easy processing of returns
  • easy insertion of your own text on dockets for marketing purposes
  • fast discount application on any sale
  • user-defined sales analysis by operator or workstation
  • the ability to track serial numbered products (provided in the standard Sybiz Vision package)
  • a data entry screen that shows a progressive view of sales

What hardware do I need to use Point of Sale effectively

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