Inventory Ledger

Inventory Ledger benefits include:

Inventory Management

Efficient inventory management through sophisticated inventory software can save thousands of dollars by reducing unprofitable stock lines and improving reordering procedures. The Sybiz Vision Inventory Ledger module provides a suite of customisable reports that give you an up to date picture of your sales and gross profit across multiple product lines.

Sale and purchase units

With the Inventory Ledger module you can buy and sell inventory in different units. Perhaps you purchase by the box but sell individually or purchase by the barrel and sell by the litre? Whatever the mix, you can sell every item individually or in up to three other units of measure.

Kit sales

Sell a predefined mix of products as a kit or pick a product and display the components. View the sale and cost price of the components and those of the combined kit product. This feature also enables you to track serial and batch numbers.

Serial number/lot tracking

Sybiz Vision’s Inventory Ledger module enables you to enter serial and lot (batch) numbers for products at their time of purchase and to track them. Use-by dates are also available. This feature also has extensive integration with the Job Costing and Service Management modules.

Easy stocktakes

Unlike many other inventory software solutions, Sybiz Vision Inventory module enables you to perform your physical stocktake on the first day of the month then enter the figures over the course of the month, all while normal trading continues. You can enter data by part number or automatic sequence. You can also perform rolling stocktakes by taking one location at a time or by splitting your inventory into sets of products.

Multiple locations

Maintaining stock in more than one physical location is a breeze with the Sybiz Vision Inventory Ledger. It’s even flexible enough to use if you only have one physical location but want to separate stock that has been allocated to jobs or assemblies so it is not confused with your stock for sale.

Multiple price levels

In addition to eight separate user-defined price scales, you can store an unlimited number of special prices or discount percentages for individual customers or groups of customers. These may be based on individual product, product groups or purchased quantities.

Transaction Viewer

View all your transactions with greater functionality and flexibility by customising your grid columns. Simply right click on the column headings then drag and drop each onto or off the grid. You can also sort and group headings, making it easier to search for specific transactions and saving you valuable time.

Other benefits of Sybiz Vision’s Inventory Ledger module include:

  • up to 25 character product codes
  • up to 35 character product descriptions with extra information available for documents
  • a non-diminishing stock option
  • barcodes
  • alternate part numbers
  • bin locations
  • three cost methods—average, FIFO or standard costing
  • decimal quantities
  • the ability to email product information to potential customers
  • integration with manufacturers’ pricelists via a simple import
  • document folders for all products, enabling you to store product PDF brochures
  • full supplier purchase analysis 8 suppliers per product with supplier notes and supplier product codes

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An optional Bill of Materials module is available.

Download Brochure for Sybiz Vision Bill of Materials

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