Creditors Ledger

Accounts Payable benefits include:

Comprehensive supplier information

See at a glance the outstanding total payments due and the transaction histories of suppliers.

Foreign supplies

Easily process foreign transactions in your suppliers’ currencies with the added benefit of being able to use the current exchange rate or the rate of your choice. Outstanding amounts can be set to be revalued with currency fluctuations or hedged to your chosen rate.

Purchase requisitions

Staff members without authority to approve purchase orders can still create purchase requisitions. This enables basic research and processing to be done by others ahead of final approval by an authorised senior staff member. Once a requisition is approved in the system it immediately becomes an order.

Streamline your ordering

The additional Sybiz Vision Purchase Order module enables you to generate purchase orders for your suppliers linked to the products you purchase from them. You can then enter your deliveries and/or invoices into the system. Track outstanding orders and backordered items, use the ‘suggest order’ function to make inventory ordering a breeze and have the ability to receive items on purchase orders into inventory before processing the purchase invoice

Extensive information

The Sybiz Vision Creditor and Purchase Order modules give you the tools to monitor all aspects of common purchasing and creditor management. The intuitive view screens and extensive reporting combine to give you a great level of control.

Easy payment

Sybiz Vision’s remittance emailing facility makes paying your suppliers easy. Sybiz Vision Creditor software automatically generates payments and emails proof of payment to your suppliers.

Multiple contacts

Up to fifteen individual contacts can be stored against each supplier account. Your warehouse staff may require one set of contacts while your accounts staff may deal with entirely different people. With the multiple contacts facility and the supplier notepad, all the supplier information you need is at your fingertips.

Easy cheque runs

Save your business time by printing all your cheques in a bulk print run. Automatic payments Save hours of time by automatically paying creditors. Set the desired due date and Sybiz Vision will collate a list of all invoices due on or before that day. You can then choose to hold disputed transactions or part pay invoices as arranged.

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